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Our firm has the necessary know how and experience to safeguard our clients’ rights and interests in any area of the law related to immovable property.

Our services include:

  • Drafting or reviewing sale agreements and agreements for the exchange of property, mortgages and guarantees.
  • Drafting or reviewing tenancy agreements and licences, including shopping mall licences.
  • Advice on statutory tenancy and contractual tenancy issues, such as rent review and grounds for eviction or for lease termination.
  • Applications by non-Cypriot/non-EU purchasers for a permit to acquire immovable property.
  • Searches and deposits of contracts at the Land Registry.
  • Powers of attorney for carrying out any acts in relation to immovable property.
  • Act as attorney and performing on the clients’ behalf, all acts required from the stage of negotiation of the contract of sale until the transfer of the property in their name.

Read our material on the acquisition of immovable property in Cyprus.